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On Thursday, November 25, 2021 and as part of EXPOCARGA 2021, the Forum “PROTRANSPORTE: Cargo and Passengers, Logistics, Technology and Infrastructure” will be held at the Punta del Este Convention Center, an event where the main actors of the national event will discuss on the present and future of the sector in Uruguay.



The conference room with capacity for 250 people will be the place where public and private actors on issues related to transport and logistics will have a place to go to listen to renowned speackers, in addition to attending roundtables on relevant topics.

The vision of the conferences is to be a true meeting point to raise the reality and needs of the field, providing a value proposition that adds to the growth and development of a sector that employs thousands of Uruguayans and generates high-quality products and services. .



Sponsors, visitors and the general public who access the event have free access to EXPOCARGA
2021, as well as the benefits and discounts reported at the time in food, transfers and spaces
commercials at the event.



With any of the SPONSOREOS, companies, institutions and organizations will have access to communication plans and a general presence at EXPOCARGA 2021. For example: place between panelists or speakers, posters, place in communications (news, notices, etc. ), web and social networks.

EXPOCARGA visualiza un espacio donde empresas nacionales e internacionales puedan presentar la ubicación geoestratégica del país como hub logístico, una plataforma integrada y complementaria a la red regional con acceso a un mercado ampliado de más de 250 millones de personas.

Para completar esta propuesta se realizará el Foro “PROTRANSPORTE: Carga y Pasajeros, Logística, Tecnología e Infraestructura”, un evento donde los principales actores del acontecer nacional discutirán sobre el presente y futuro del sector en Uruguay.


Dentro del Centro de Convenciones, creamos un espacio pensado para que el sector logístico pueda presentar una propuesta de valor integrado.


Organismos, instituciones, y empresas públicas y privadas nacionales e internacionales, configurarán un sitio donde quienes lo recorran podrán conocer la oferta del sector.


Los stands seleccionados para el SENDERO LOGÍSTICO son (marcados en rojo): Del 31 al 40, del 44 al 61, y del 90 al 102. Se trata de lugares de 9m2 (3x3m), 15m2 (3x5m), 20m2 (5x4m) y 24m2 (6x4m).

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